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DownlineRefs -

                        1. At DownlineRefs you get paid for clicking advertisements like many other paid to click sites but what makes this one so special is the referral builder. This means that instead of cashing out you can choose to spend your earnings on referrals to any paid to click, traffic exchange, free offer website or downline builder program that you might be using.

2. This site has feature that offers have a time limit. When you post an offer for a PTC site to give an example, you set a limit on how many days the offer is valid for. This means that when the offer expires the person that took the offer and signed up can then choose to keep using the site or simply leave it. When you post the offer you also have the option to state what sort of expectations you might have in regards of the activity level of the person signing up. This will give the person an idea of what it takes to complete the offer before signing up. With this system you can actually cancel an offer before it expires if the person that signed up is not active. This is really a great feature. This way you do not pay for inactive referrals.

3. The advantage of DownlineRefs it is cheaper to buy credits and the cheapest package starts at only $5 & payouts start at $5 instantly.

RealityNetwork -

                            1. Reality Networker is a system, designed to get the brand new marketer into leads and income within 30 or less days, and this is possible, following the success guide. This program is very easy to promote, the article teaser, and 14 days promotion success guide seem to be very helpful.

2. It has an 5x6 matrix integrated into it, to start generating income quickly and many other features have been added to the back office, such as an ad tracking system, just place your link in the field, and track your stats. If your own sponsor, wont help you their is an entire community of sponsors, on stand by, and you could have a new one in as little as 24 hours. After, you have 5 active line, your level 4 sponsor, will contact you, on ways to expedite earnings for you, and your team, thus increasing your potential income. your first, 5 will produces you $40.

3. it is a complete mastermind group system. No monthly, fees what so ever, pay $25 one time and your done, you own this system for life. The idea, behind reality networker is to support the homeworker, in building a team,working with that team, and through the power of matrices, build a solid income asset that can even be passed onto future generation.

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